He is the Spanish artist with the greatest international projection. He has received numerous prizes and awards and his work is exhibited in the most prestigious museums and collections worldwide.

He was introduced to the world of painting by his mother, a Majorcan landscape painter. He attended the School of Arts and Crafts in Palma de Mallorca and then at the Sant Jordi Fine Arts School in Barcelona, but soon abandoned his studies there. Official recognition of his work began to grow in 1982, when Rudi Fuchs selected him to represent Spanish painting at Documenta in Kassel.

His work is mainly figurative and shows a marked interest in nature. The themes of animals, bookcases and still lifes are very common in his paintings, treated in an Expressionist fashion that verges on action painting. Following his discovery of the African continent and his stays in Mali, his work started to reflect an interest in the passage of time and man’s origins.

His artistic influences are Joan Miró, Jackson Pollock, Antoni Tàpies, conceptual art and Art Brut. Other artistic disciplines in which he has worked include illustrated books, ceramics and engravings.

His most important later works include the ceramic mural in Saint Peter’s chapel in Palma de Mallorca Cathedral and the dome of the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Roomat the Palace of Nations in Geneva.